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Wiggle of the Week – Part IV – Foot & Ankle

WOW – Week 4 October It's that time again….Wiggle of the Week!This week is a wrap-up for the month of October. Reminder: If you have been following along and you have Foot & Ankle concerns, schedule your FREE assessment with Dr. Steve by the end of October! Email steve@kineci.comHave a beautiful day! Posted by Kineci …

Wiggle of the Week – Part III – Foot & Ankle

Wiggle of the Week – Foot & Ankle – Week 3 WOW! It's already Week 3 of Kineci's newest series…Wiggle of the Week! We are so grateful to have you onboard! We want to see how you wiggle! This week we are doing a WOW contest! Share a video of you, with your friends, or …

Wiggle of the Week – Part II – Foot & Ankle

Wiggle of the Week – Week 2 – Foot & Ankle It's time for Week TWO of our Wiggle of the Week! This month is Foot & Ankle. This video will show you how to create global mobility in the foot and ankle.If you have ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, restricted mobility, calf cramping, …

What is Kineci?

The New Kineci Wiggle your body, and watch this to learn about new changes at Kineci, and how us at Kineci will help stimulate movement: body, mind and spirit. Posted by Kineci on Sunday, September 10, 2017 What is Kineci? Here is a short video explaining Kineci. With growth of the company it was time …

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