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Wiggle of the Week – Sacral Chakra

It’s the second Wiggle of the Week for our chakra system wiggles! If you missed last week, we started with the root chakra and are working our way up through each chakra center, every Wednesday. Join us this week for the Sacral Chakra! Wiggle your way through Wednesday, with joy!

Cervical Mobility

Keep your head screwed on tight with this cervical mobility exercise from Dr. Steve that you can easily do at home.

Greg’s Testimonial

Thanks for the kind words Greg! It’s great having you on the Kineci team.

Wiggle of the Week – Root Chakra

We’re back to it…the WIGGLE OF THE WEEK! Every Wednesday, Dr. Steve will share a “wiggle”, as a way to get you moving confidently and safely. This month we are starting a series of Wiggles centered on the CHAKRA system. Many of you may know what the Chakra system is, so follow along to learn …