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Redefining Movement Class

Upper Back mobility to reduce stress and make life better for your neck and head.

Redefining Movement Class — whole body stress reduction

Here is a whole body wiggle to help shake off the stress we are all feeling. Play along and enjoy!

Cervical Mobility

Keep your head screwed on tight with this cervical mobility exercise from Dr. Steve that you can easily do at home.


Thanks for the kind words Greg! It’s great having you on the Kineci team.

Fun with Leslie

Mobilizing and Stabilizing diagonal fascial chains. Mobility in the cage for the front diagonal chains and back diagonal chains. Then coordination, control, and stability moving into lunges and reaches. Leslie is a hero for taking charge of her issue to achieve her goals. Fun fun fun!!!


Leslie is planning an epic month long hike with her son in Japan…we’re so proud of her and happy that she has built up her confidence again to attempt this awesome adventure!

Rows and Punches with Greg

Thanks Greg for demonstrating these rows and punches with Dr. Steve. Take a sneak peak at the work Steve does with his clients!


Thanks Katrine!