Neck Pain And Headaches Treatment Specialist In Santa Barbara & Montecito, CA

Neck pain and headaches can really be debilitating, frustrating, and annoying. Many times neck pain leads to headaches and vice versa. Other times neck pain aggravates your shoulder and vice versa. To really figure out what is going on you need a thorough assessment by a professional who understands your neck, bio-mechanics, and how it connects to the rest of your body and life. At Kineci we believe in a holistic approach in which we understand and appreciate that your neck is not isolated but an integrated part of Your Body-Mind-&-Spirit.

Understanding Your Neck

Your neck is 7 little vertebrae stacked on top of each other with a bowling ball of a head on top. Below your neck is your thoracic spine, where all the ribs attach. Your thoracic spine is a strong bony cage with lots of powerful muscles that allow you to move your arms and hands around in space. So you have a big bony cage of your thoracic spine, 7 little vertebrae surrounding by your throat and some muscles, then a bowling ball on top. That’s a lot of work for your neck – to hold up this bowling ball all the time. Your arms and upper back hold the keys to a happy, healthy neck.

If your upper back / thoracic spine is not moving well as in poor posture like staring at computer screens and devices that will put more stress and strain on your neck. If your arms are not moving well that too can create more stress and strain for your neck. A healthy neck needs good upper back mobility and good shoulder mobility. These body regions need to be assessed and addressed to help your neck get back to feeling and functioning normally for you.

Another key element for your neck health are the tiny little muscles deep inside that control your posture against gravity all day long. These little muscles can get injured especially in any kind of whiplash or hitting your head like a concussion. These traumas can set the stage for a sequence of events within your body that those deep little posture muscles get weakened. That leads to all sorts of neck problems. Being able to assess and address these little deep muscles are a vital part of helping your neck work for you without kinks, knots, and strains.

If your neck is bothering you or you have headaches here are 3 simple exercises and 3 tips you can do to help yourself start to feel better and move easier.

You Deserve to feel better and function better, so choose better.

  • Fix the problem – address the source not just the symptoms
  • A Natural Solution — Avoid surgeries, injections, and pills
  • Empowered Approach – learn your personal Movement Prescription

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