Lower Back Pain Treatment Specialist In Santa Barbara & Montecito, CA

Low back pain is frustrating and aggravating, it can keep you from doing things you love. Well you are not alone. 80% of people experience back pain at some point in their lives severe enough to seek help. There can be many causes for low back pain and to figure out exactly what is going on with YOUR back you need a thorough assessment by a professional who understands the spine, biomechanics, and how it connects to the rest of your body and life. At Kineci we believe in a holistic approach in which we understand and appreciate that your back is not isolated but an integrated part of Your Body-Mind-&-Spirit.

Understanding Your Low Back

Low back pain can stem from a variety of causes such as disc irritations, facet joint strains and impingements, arthritis, muscle strains, poor posture, tension and stress.

Your low back or lumbar spine is the crossroads of your body. The low back connects the upper body and the lower body, it is the intersection linking your legs and your trunk. Your low back must deal with all the stress, strain, stretching, and loads from whatever your arms and hands are doing. If you are reaching for something, lifting, carrying, putting kids in car seats, playing sports, dancing, or hugging your low back has to deal with what your arms and hands are doing. At the same time your low back must deal with all the stress, strain, stretching and loads from whatever your legs are doing. If you are walking, running, squatting, going up/down stairs, sitting, lying, doing laundry, gardening, surfing, dancing, driving, whatever…your low back has to deal with it.

Your solution to your back pain is in understanding your body’s unique imbalances, asymmetries and weaknesses. Every person is unique and depends on YOUR body’s specific needs. Learning Your Movement Signature – your body’s individual movement patterns, compensations, asymmetries, and imbalances guides Your Movement Prescription – Your Exercise plan specific to your body’s needs.

As described above, your low back is the intersection between your upper back and your hips. The more the hips and upper back are able to move well in all directions allows those areas to absorb more of the work and strain which makes life easier for your low back. Part of your solution to your low back pain is to make sure your hips and upper back are mobile, strong, and stable. That will reduce the stress on your low back.

Another concept that is key for a happy and healthy low back is that we have to move in 3 directions. As humans our bodies are designed to move in 3 planes of motion: Sagittal plane = moving forward and backwards, Frontal plane = moving side to side, and Transverse plane = moving in rotation left and rotation right. Your successful Movement Prescription must move in all 3 directions otherwise your program is missing key elements for success.

If your back is bothering you here are 3 simple exercises and 3 tips you can do to help yourself start to feel better and move easier.

You Deserve to feel better and function better, so choose better.

  • Fix the problem – address the source not just the symptoms
  • A Natural Solution — Avoid surgeries, injections, and pills
  • Empowered Approach – learn your personal Movement Prescription

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