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Do you have knee pain? Your legs are your wheels to get you around. Knee pain can prevent you from keeping up with friends and family. It can sideline you from going on adventures, playing sports, dancing, having fun and enjoying yourself. It’s frustrating and disappointing when you can’t trust your knee to carry you through life.

It’s hard to go through life being afraid to bend and you shouldn’t get left behind.

At Kineci we know knees. We feel your frustration when you can’t go down stairs, go on a hike, walk the beach or sit through dinner. We’ve worked with knees from 7 yrs old to 104 yrs old. Whether YOUR knee is an old knee, a new knee, arthritic, post-surgery, replaced-joint knee, post-injury, chronic pain, or simply cranky knee we know how to get you moving again.

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Here you will find some education and information about knees. YOUR knee is special and unique to YOU.

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How’s Your Alignment

Understanding Your Knee

The knee is made up of 3 bones: the tibia (shin bone), the femur (thigh bone), and patella (knee cap). The other end of the femur (thigh bone) is your hip. Any restrictions, mobility issues, tightness, or weakness of hip muscles directly affects your knee. The same thing applies for the tibia (shin bone), the other end is your ankle and any restrictions or weakness in your foot/ankle directly affects your knee.

As your knee is connected to your hip the connections continue to the rest of your body as well. Your trunk, spine, and even your shoulders are connected to and affect your knee. In fact, your knee is part of you as a whole being. We at Kineci appreciate that your painful knee is part of a whole person which includes your goals, dreams, fears, history and experiences.

Many providers in Santa Barbara just look at your knee when it is painful. They may rub things on it, hook it up to machines, and isolate your knee when treating knee pain. But those providers will be missing the most important part of your knee – how it is connected to your hip, ankle, and the rest of your body. Treatments that do not also address your foot/ankle and hip as part of helping your knee will not be as effective or complete and are doing you a disservice.

Another fact about the knee is that it is designed to move in 3 planes of motion. Along with all the other parts of your body your knee moves forward and back in the Sagittal plane, side to side in the Frontal plane, and rotates in the Transverse plane. Testing, treating, and training your knee must look at and move through all 3 planes of motion otherwise they are missing the mark. At Kineci we are your knee experts. We fully appreciate what your knee should do and be able to do because we understand the anatomy and biomechanics.

You Deserve to feel better and function better, so choose better.

  • Fix the problem – address the source not just the symptoms
  • A Natural Solution — Avoid surgeries, injections, and pills
  • Empowered Approach – learn your personal Movement Prescription

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