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Understanding Your Body

These are Principles of how Your Body is organized and operates. Your Body is an exquisitely complex machine of many layered systems all working together in harmony. Understanding the complexity of each of these systems, which integrate with all the other systems helps us create Strategies to address underlying dysfunctions and improve performance. These Strategies are transformed into Techniques which are the exercises and movements we use to help Your Body heal, recover, and improve.

In this series we will explain some of these different elements and systems of the to provide a better grasp of how we, at Kineci, see and approach working with You. These are universal Principles which apply to everyBody. Too often traditional approaches seem to forget or overlook these Principles.

The beauty of Your Body is that everyBody is unique, special, and an individual. Although these are Universal Principles which apply to everyone, how each element is manifested and integrated is totally unique to that person. Traditional approaches tend to put people in a particular box or category and then use standardized protocols to apply to everyone. Traditional protocols don’t work because they are based on the average of the masses and are NOT individualized to You and YOUR Body.

At Kineci we believe each person is unique, special, and an individual with their own unique, special, and individual needs, desires, and goals. That is why Your Movement Prescription is developed specifically for You. Enjoy as you read along this series and we hope you glean a better understanding of the beautiful complexity of Your Body.

Your Synergistic Body

  • Your bodies operate as an entire system working towards the same goals. All parts of the body work as a coordinated system, in synergy, to accomplish a particular task. Applied Functional Science shows us that muscles work together to fine tune our movements by working in synergy.
  • When you want to walk across the room to pick up an object Your entire Body works together to accomplish the task. There are not certain muscles and bones that are trying to stop you from accomplishing the task. Some parts may struggle to do their fair share of the work. But they are not antagonistic to getting the job done. Your legs get you across the room. Your hand reaches accurately to the desired object. All other parts of the body work together in Synergy to help you successfully complete the task. Your entire Body works in Synergy all the time. We just have to make sure all parts are doing their fair share of the work.
  • Prescribed movements need to be coordinated.

Your Integrated Body

  • Your whole integrated body is more than the sum of its individual segments. All body parts work within the context of the Your entire body. They are not isolated tissues, joints, bones, and muscles. Every tissue of the body is connected to all other tissues through a beautifully complex system that is still beyond our scientific understanding to fully comprehend. There are so many delicate interplays of tissues, fluids, hormones, nutrition, environment, and energy that cannot be separated. Body, Mind, and Spirit are intimately interwoven.
  • Imagine an airplane all its parts laid out on a runway. As separate parts the plane will never fly. It is the relationships between all the parts that put together in the right way can allow the heavy metal plane to fly. Even if the parts are in the right place connected to each other properly but not turning on and working in the right sequence, the plane won’t fly. All the parts connected in the right relationships and working in proper coordination is the only way the plane and fly. Your Body needs Prescribed movements need to be integrated within the whole person.

Your Subconscious Body

  • Your movements are subconscious. When You are driven to accomplish a task your brain decides what it wants you to do. Your Body gets to decide HOW it will happen. You do not have to consciously talk to your muscles to tell them what to do and when. If you want to walk across the room your brain does not consciously say “quadriceps fire…hamstrings relax…abdominals turn on…foot pronate…” . Your Body will avoid pain and weakness. If there is a painful or weak area of the body it will try to avoid using that area. Your body and brain don’t like pain so it will avoid it if possible. It also takes more energy to ask weak parts to work, so your body will avoid using it.
  • The scientific literature shows us that motor learning is most effective when provided in an environment for subconscious reaction, not conscious contraction. That means we train for Movements not just certain Muscles. The fun part is creating the exercise environment and set up to create the reaction and movement patterns we want. Motor learning is task specific.
  • Prescribed movements need to be purposeful.

Written by Dr. Steve Politis

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