Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Although all yoga is potentially therapeutic and healing, yoga therapy is the specific application of yogic tools in a one-on-one setting—postures, movement and dialogue —to address an individual’s physical, mental, emotional, and somatic needs. Many people first learn about yoga through its physical practices, but a common misconception is that it’s all about stretching or movement. In fact, yoga therapy can help people who can’t move at all, as well as active individuals! The yogic model of health is unique because it addresses every aspect of life rather than considering each body part or system separately. Yoga therapy is a safe way of working with the natural capacity of your body and mind to optimize well-being.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy will help you tune into the wisdom of your body and find the healing you deserve.

What to expect from a session:

  • A one-hour long session with Sam
  • Come prepared to move your body gently

Who is Yoga Therapy for?

Yoga Therapy is great for people from all walks of life! Yoga Therapy has been known to help with insecurities, co-dependency, unproductive habits, and other “issues in the tissues”. It benefits people looking to grow and learn more about themselves, as well as those with trauma, anxiety, chronic pain, injuries, depression, among many other conditions. If you are unsure if Yoga Therapy is right for you, feel free to contact Sam and ask.

Sam also specializes in working with the following:

  • Combat-related Post-traumatic Stress (Disorder)
  • Military Sexual Assault (MST)
  • Military Emotional Stress & Distress
  • Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse

No yoga experience is necessary!

How much is it?

Sam is currently under supervision and therefore is able to offer these sessions on a by-donation basis. Offer what you can for each session!

More about Sam

Samantha Eddy
Sam is a current PhD. student studying Psychology and Somatic Studies, with specific academic interests in the nervous system and trauma. Sam has taught yoga for trauma and to the military population for six years, and has taken her study of yoga further with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. She finds that tuning into the sensations of the body is one of the most powerful ways to find healing and inner guidance. Sam is also Kineci’s Center Director and has worked with Dr. Steve for over three years. Learn more about Sam by going here: Please feel free to email if you have any questions!

More than your typical Physical Therapy in Santa Barbara. Kineci offers specialized care to meet YOUR needs.