Why Choose Kineci?

Life is in the living and in the doing. Contentment is about being able to do what you need and want to do. Pain, movement impairment, and fear can upset life… with frustration, embarrassment, disappointment, and depression.

Whether you run marathons or just run out to the grocery store, play sports or simply play with the grandkids, hang-on the rim or hang-out with family and friends, think you can or think you can’t …you want to be comfortable and confident living life your way. Fast-lane or slow-lane we can get you to where you want to go… doing more of what’s important to you.

People of all ages, level of activity, and conditions choose KINECITM to help them move beyond their challenges and limitations to enjoy life more fully and achieve greater physical independence, performance, and competitiveness.

KINECITM is not the traditional one-size-fits-all physical therapy, fitness or conditioning facility. We begin with your goals, factor in your unique situation, determine your precise baseline condition, and then build on your successes.

Our style is hometown relaxed and personal. Our highly specialized knowledge and training is truly world-class. Our approach is “scientifically based and individually minded”. Our services are highly specialized and skillful. Our reason for being here is you.

Our Specialization in Neuro-Muscular-Skeletal Disorders (MSDs) fix your issues with pain, movement, fitness, performance, safety, prevention, injury, degenerative disorders, recovery, rehabilitation, and more…

Other Places vs KINECI
All about them All about YOU
Membership or Partnership
Transactional or Transformational
Same old “do it again” or Always fresh & entertaining
Stress-out for an hour or Power-up for life
Working out or Building within
Perspiration and odor or Inspiration and order
No pain – No gain or All sane – All gain.
Repetition and monotony or Rhythm and momentum
A mindless workout or An enriching investment
Judged by others or Accepted by friends
Exhausting or Exhilarating
Compared to others or Just be yourself
Take it or leave it or Leverage your sweet spot
Cost or Value

More than your typical Physical Therapy in Santa Barbara. Kineci offers specialized care to meet YOUR needs.