Steve is by far the most professional and astute practitioner I have had the pleasure of working with. His knowledge of the body and what it is needing are top notch. My osteoarthritis pain and the attending nerve pain have both been lessened to a great extent by the (...Read more)

Sharon G.

I’ve had the pleasure to know and work professionally with Dr. Steve for about 5 years. His dual fellowship trained credentials are distinctive, his knowledge and skills are exceptional, and his caring authentic. He’s an attentive listener, capable of finding and fixing complex and stubborn biomechanical problems. He’s (...Read more)

Bob W.

I feel so “free”. I don’t know how long I’ve lost it. I felt something very different while taking a walk yesterday evening. I wondered why, what happened? I finally figured it out. It’s my body! I noted that my neck is light, straight without feeling the tug, stiffness. My (...Read more)

NM Sam

My involvement with Steve was after I had colon cancer surgery. With the surgery over and successful, Steve prepared a plan of exercise and conditioning to aid in the healing process and to eliminate scar tissue issues. He demonstrated each exercise and had me do the routine to (...Read more)

Donald P.

Dr. Steve Politis’ understanding of the holistic well-being is impressive. He is a wonderful person who has a level of integrity, understanding, knowledge, and skill that is strongly recognized by people in the Santa Barbara community. (...Read more)

Forrest L.

As a competitive CrossFit coach and athlete, I get exposed to a lot of different variants and fads when it comes to sports medicine. Everybody seems to have a seemingly unique way of approaching injury and prevention. The problem is most of them don’t work…especially in the long term. After (...Read more)

Eric M.

I am overly satisfied with Dr. Steve Politis’ expertise in the physical therapy realm. Truly a Body & Movement Extraordinaire (...Read more)

Karina G.

After sustaining a traumatic shoulder injury (not chronic) earlier this year that resulted in a labral tear, I saw a number of surgeons with differing opinions. The first Dr. said surgery, and subsequent opinions included trying PT before surgery or instead of surgery. By recommendation of fellow climbing friends, (...Read more)

Bernd Z.

As a group climbers can be very difficult to work with. We know that most doctors do not get what we do. Dr. Steve not only understands climbing injuries, he understands that people who climb want to get back to climbing as soon as possible. Dr. Steve took the (...Read more)

Chris H.

Thank you for being so tremendously instrumental in ending my years of debilitating back and leg pain. After having about a dozen sessions with you last year, I have been pain free. The Physical Therapy you provided included adding specific new exercises and makingchanges in my existing weight (...Read more)

Elaine L.

Dr. Politis is a kind, caring, and capable practitioner. He listens intently and thoughtfully to the details of your concern and treats using gentle, precise, and effective movements. I went to see Dr. Steve with chronic neck pain that was interfering with my ability to work out and causing (...Read more)

Randi M.

Steve is an incredibly talented physical therapist. I can’t recommend him enough. I saw Steve in the latter part of 2014 for a back injury I suffered from working out a few months prior. I had been seeing some other physical therapists for the injury, but it kept recurring. (...Read more)

Carl W.

You were truly fantastic. You gave me the understanding and the tools to help me manage my own body under different situations and difficult conditions. The most important thing was that you listened to me first which allowed you to better understand how to coach me given my knowledge (...Read more)

Jake A.

I went to Steve for chronic intermittent hip pain that had been addressed but never eradicated by other body professionals. Our one session was in three parts: Diagnosis; Treatment; Homework. During the Diagnosis portion he observed my walk in several variations of stride and position, then in Treatment (...Read more)

Jim K.

I am very happy to have been introduced to Dr. Politis, who helped fix (in so far as that is a good word) a bad knee and allow me to start running again. Box Jumps, here I come ! Thanks also to my coach Kristiana Almeida for having made (...Read more)

Ram S.

We came to Steve a few years back after my husband tore the labrum in his shoulder. As a climber by profession and passion, my husband depends very much on his shoulders, so the injury was of great concern to him on many levels. Several doctors had already told (...Read more)

Hjordis R.

I have been to countless physical therapists for a chronic shoulder injury and FINALLY found Dr. Steve post-surgery. He is by far the best physical therapist I have ever worked with and I would recommend him to anyone seeking physical therapy. I have been seeing Dr. Steve for (...Read more)

Marina L.

Steve is literally as good as it gets. If I could give Steve a single golden star, to represent the highest possible recommendation that I could give to a person on Earth — I would have given it to him in a heartbeat. My story of how I came (...Read more)

Sarah S.

I came to Steve via a recommendation from a good friend who knows and respects her body and isn’t interested in a quick, fad fix- that’s a strong, word of mouth recommendation. I’m an avid runner and gym owner who had been battling an old shoulder injury that was (...Read more)

Kristiana A.

Dear Dr. Steve, “Thank you” doesn’t even begin to cover it. How do you put into words the gratitude I feel for some who has given me my life back? I’ll try to put it into a few sentences. Dr. Steve, your positive energy, deep knowledge of the human body and (...Read more)


I am a professional Ballet Dancer in Washington D.C. and have had the utmost trust in Steve for many years. As a dancer, we have so may unusual and out of the ordinary aches, pains, and injuries. With Steve I knew that no matter how unusual the injury, he (...Read more)

Claire M.

I had suffered from chronic Achilles tendonitis for over 20 years before meeting Dr. Politis. In fact, I had been walking with a limp the entire year before my first appointment. I was only 50 years old and becoming more and more depressed about my situation with no relief (...Read more)

Tom L.

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