Breathing for Optimal Health & Wellness

Greg Spivak

When: October 16, 2019
Time: 7:30 PM

Breathing is the foundation of our lives and the most important thing tying us to this world. However, so many of us pay so little attention to it and are unaware of its potentials, which can lead to severe health consequences. Of all the different practices that Greg applies to pursuing optimal health for himself and his clients, breathing is one of the most important and it is what the focus of his talk will be on. During Greg’s talk you will get an in depth interactive discussion of how optimal breathing and breath-work practices can help assure optimal health. Also during the talk you will get to experience Optimal Function breath-work for yourself, as Greg will guide you through a few rounds of breath-work. You will leave this talk with a profound new appreciation/knowledge and set of skills to control your breath to control your life.

Come experience and learn how the power of the breath can give you control over your mind and body through scientifically proven practices:

  • Alkaline your physiology and decrease inflammation at a cellular level in the body
  • Gain control of your mind through the breath to better manage life’s stresses and anxieties
  • Experience the powerful and euphoric sensation of tapping into and adjusting your autonomic nervous system and immune system.

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