2-Minute Work Break Exercises

If you live in our world it’s hard to avoid sitting. Sitting is everywhere. Most people do a lot of sitting at work, then get in their cars for the drive home – more sitting. Then it is usually sit down for dinner – more sitting. And finally relax with the family often watching a show – more sitting.

Sitting takes its toll on the body. Ankles, hips, and upper back all get tight. The hip flexor muscle group is notorious for getting tight with sitting. It gets glued down and makes it difficult to stand up straight and tall after prolonged sitting.

The upper back also gets tight, bound down, and stiff with lots of sitting. Typically your upper back rounds, shoulders come forward, and very often you are looking down at your phone or other device.

Sitting tends to inhibit your diaphragm muscle. It is your main breathing muscle, but sitting puts it into a position that is hard for it to work properly. Having your diaphragm work and function well contributes to many health benefits. Not only does diaphragm breathing oxygenate your blood better, but it helps feed all your tissues better too. It is the best tool for switching your nervous system from fight or flight (sympathetic state) to the rest and recover (parasympathetic state). It helps relax muscles, reduce pain, and lets your mind relax too. The benefits of proper diaphragm breathing go on and on.

Here are 3 simple exercises you can do anywhere, anytime to help your body battle the ravages of sitting. One for the hip flexors, one for the upper back, and one diaphragm breathing exercise. These can be accomplished in only 2 minutes each but doing these will carry a lot of benefit and bang-for-your-buck.

Set a timer for yourself and each hour take 2 minutes to help your body feel and function better. You’ll be saving yourself from future injuries, improve your posture, and help you become more productive both physically and mentally.

2-Min Work Break Hip Flexor

2-Min Work Break Upper back

2-Min Work Break Diaphragm Breathing Matrix

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